Contains a set of tools for converting old ats format into atss format.

For changing data from ats or procmt [1] to the new atss format only two steps are needed.

create old survey

Skip this step if you already have procmt data.
atstools possibly makes use of all information inside the procmt survey directory.

If you haven’t use procmt you create a survey tree and put your timeseries folder from the ADU system inside the ts/site folder

atstools -create_old_tree /survey/old/iron_mountain L1_S3 L2_S24 "ref station"
creates a survey tree in /surveys named iron_mountain with stations L1_S3 and L2_S24 and a station “ref station” : note the quotes!!

Copy your meas directories from the ADU into desired station, so that is looks like

├── meas_2009-08-20_13-22-00
│   ├── 084_2009-08-20_13-22-00_2009-08-21_07-00-00_R001_128H.xml
│   ├── 084_V01_C00_R001_TEx_BL_128H.ats
│   ├── 084_V01_C01_R001_TEy_BL_128H.ats
│   ├── 084_V01_C02_R001_THx_BL_128H.ats
│   ├── 084_V01_C03_R001_THy_BL_128H.ats
│   └── 084_V01_C04_R001_THz_BL_128H.ats
├── meas_2009-08-20_13-22-01
│   ├── 084_2009-08-20_13-22-01_2009-08-21_06-59-59_R001_32H.xml
│   ├── 084_V01_C00_R001_TEx_BL_32H.ats
│   ├── 084_V01_C01_R001_TEy_BL_32H.ats
│   ├── 084_V01_C02_R001_THx_BL_32H.ats
│   ├── 084_V01_C03_R001_THy_BL_32H.ats
│   └── 084_V01_C04_R001_THz_BL_32H.ats

... and so on


From an existing procmt directory structure a new HDF5-Tree is created.
Old ats files appear as atss files and the atsheader is converted to a JSON header.

atstools -tojson -clone -outdir /survey/  /survey/old/iron_mountain

A new MTH5 compatible tree with name iron_mountain will be created in /survey.

The calibration is taken from the XML descriptor, converted into the new JSON format and stored inside the JSON descriptor.

The remaining logs, as well as the XML itself are copied into /meta/site_name/run_nnn directory. A complete copy of the binary atsheader appears a JSON file. they can be archived.

The philosophy is to store a minimal information beside the atss timeseries.
Before you push into MTH5 you verify the data - and off you go!
Hence: if you do not verify the data, a later generation is not in the position to use the data - even if they have the log files and detailed status information.