The software will load data during runtime
When working in debug mode or without installing this data can not be found! |
export MTHotel_data=/home/bfr/devel/github_mthotel/MTHotel/cpp/data/
in your .zshrc or .bashrc.


The ats file format is outdated.

The atstools conversion tools transform a 100% lossless conversion into the new atss format.

You do not want to write software here.

The ADU series 10e, 11e and 12e provide this format natively.

atss (new)

Distributed systems can not assemble a MTH5 file.

atss is the format to be pushed into MTH5.

Since HDF5 format is poor in re-writing data, you may decide to create your own timeseries tools here.

This is in general filtering, pre-whitening, spike elimination, splitting.
The new ADU series will provide timeseries splitting (efficient for remote data transfer) - and the new atss format can be easily concatenated.


The overall goal is to push data into MTH5 which is capable to run run any processing made by others.

Do not leave questions open before pushing.